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14. January 2014

Hey yall I need a huge favor from everyone, my boyfriend whom I am courting is competing in this rap contest in honor of Dr. martin Luther King and he really needs support so could you guys please follow this link and like and vote for his video here is the link. This would be greatly appreciated! Like and share if you can!!


Sade & Mama Graham

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What’s more important? Sharing the truth or exposing a lie? I’m going to say that the former is more important, simply because the truth sets us free, and breaks down lies simply by existing and being shown. Don’t focus on beating out lies, because people jump from one lie to another without having the truth to hold on to. Proclaim the truth, and people will believe. This can be super practical. Don’t be critical. Be an example of the right way to do things.

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How do you accidentally throw away [Black History] books? Detroiters protest